Mister Ford
Mister Ford

Hello, I'm Christopher I'm a front-end web developer (among other things)

Front-end Web Developer

(and a bit on the back-end too)

I'm a professional front-end developer based in Devon in the UK.

I have experience of building websites both static and on the WordPress platform (including development of bespoke themes).

Currently I am working as part of a development team on a large SaaS application that has a Java back-end and a mix of technologies on the front. For the past year my focus has been on rebuilding the UI for this app, although I am now working with more focus on back-end Java development.


Before I moved into my current SaaS project team, I developed websites both as a freelance and as a developer for HigherSites, a digital agency based in Taunton, Somerset.

Here's a selection of the sites that I have worked on:


As a junior I dabbled in many different technologies in order to work out where my passion lay, including PHP, Swift and Java. I am now using Java at work, but I discovered that my true love is JavaScript.

When I was first in the industry, everyone told me to learn jQuery. I soon realised that this was actually hampering my ability to truly learn and understand JavaScript itself, so I became an advocate of pure vanilla JavaScript solutions. This is where my specialism now lies.

This doesn't mean that I don't love to play with modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries. I have worked with node.js, Express, Handlebars, jQuery, VueJS and AngularJS. When it was in late beta, I began learning Angular 2 with TypeScript and I have since followed its development through Release Candidate phase and into its final release state.

I absolutely love working with Angular and am focusing my efforts here at present, in preparation for a large new project at work where Angular will make up the bulk of the front-end.

I'm always learning when it comes to JavaScript (as should be the case for any developer.) The best way to follow my journey is to check out my GitHub:

Find me on GitHub


What do programmers do for fun? We program! Here's a few of my personal projects:


Alistair and I

Oh, you want to know about me?

Well, quite a lot of what defines me is already on the site. But something I've not mentioned, which is the most important part of me, is my family. That little guy in the picture with me is my son Alistair. He's named after a character from Bioware's Dragon Age (which probably tells you a little bit more about me!) and he is the most important thing in my life.

Alistair's mummy is my gorgeous wife Sophie. She's also the most important thing in my life. So there's another thing about me - my family is everything to me. They are the reason why I do everything I do and they are also my biggest, strongest support network.

What else is there to say about me?

I'm a lapsed runner; hopefully one day I can un-lapse from that (relapse into it?) because it's something I always loved to do before Alistair came into my life!

I am a total Apple fanboy, and proud to say it! Sometimes it's hard to remember a day when I used to genuinely dislike Apple products. I was one of those guys that had a stupid MP3 player (that broke) because I refused to buy an iPod. Well, I've since seen the light, I'm glad to say, and it's now fairly difficult to get me to shut up about Apple.

I love red wine. 'Nuff said.


You want to get in touch? Please do! Feel free to hit me up on the social networks, or if you prefer you can send me a message through my contact form. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you.